1:6 Teacher to Student Ratio

Grades k-8

Specialized Approach


“Our son was traumatized by his previous school experiences. Now, as 13, he is gradually learning to take charge of aspects of his education and does one research project after another. He has also begun to enjoy writing and has become very good at it. He reads in his spare time, does difficult math problems often faster than we do, and generally identifies himself as a “learner.” We can’t believe QPS exists but are grateful every day that it does.”

“Within a few months at QPS, our 12-year-old daughter began to blossom. She has made wonderful friends of all ages, has more than caught up in math, and suddenly became a good writer. It’s great to see how excited she is about what she is learning—how to research a topic, how to present to a group, how to set goals. We love that she is in a safe, supportive, learning environment where we can see her growing as a student and as a person.”

“Our 5-year-old daughter’s academic and social progress has been astonishing. She is already reading, writing and doing math at the 2nd grade level. She absolutely adores school and learning, while thinking and behaving at an advanced level. QPS is the only place this would have been possible. We think that all of this will be her toolkit for standout learning and achievement over her entire life.”

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