Quick Facts

Age Range

K through 8th grade.


QPS schedules 180 school days (on avg.), with paced breaks throughout the year that mirror those of the public schools. Our calendar can be viewed here.


QPS continuously acquires resources to support our students’ learning, including a developing library of fiction and nonfiction titles. Students have ready access to laptops and tablets for research and for online materials and programs.

After-school options

Ther are enrichment courses offered most afternoons, ending at 5 p.m., through LIC School of Ballet, neighborhood artists, and QPS’s own programming.



$150 activity fee for field trips and special programs.

School Hours

M-Th  9:00-3:30

Fri  9:00-1:30

Teacher-Student Ratio

1:6 regularly


QPS is located in the Long Island City Art Center. We have several collaborative learning centers, student project stations, and studios for art and movement education. Our facilities are FIOS wired.


Parents/guardians arrange for their children’s arrival and departure from school. QPS is easy to get to by subway (E, G, M, and 7) or bus (Q39, 67, 69), and there is nearby street parking.


Students bring their own lunch. There is also a mid-morning break every day for which students are welcome to bring a snack.