Building community both during school hours and outside of them, with all of our families and neighbors, is an important part of Queens Paideia’s culture. We organize events, field trips, and activities throughout the year that support our students’ learning, enable parents to know and form connections with each other, and/or offer a chance for students to demonstrate what they have learned.



Hands On

Throughout the year, students had ongoing opportunities to build, create, move around, and explore, while also learning to focus and invest the tenacity required to learn news skills and new content knowledge.  

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Art All Around Us

All year, students made art, both integrated into the full curriculum and as part of weekly art sessions. The year culminated with a trip to Central Park to paint and with our annual art show. 

 Central Park Art





Winter Fundraiser

To get through the dark days of winter, students organized a running club that did lunchtime runs twice a week (1.5 miles) and collected sponsor money for Pediatric Cancer Research. They raised a lot of money and turned icy lemons into heartwarming lemonade. 


Running club





Operatic Performances

As part of Long Island City Academy of Music, many QPS students performed in full-scale operas this year. In the winter, they landed on the stage at Merkin Hall as the children's choir for Martha Cardona Theater's performance of Tosca. And in June, they boldly sung in what is perhaps the youngest staging ever of Dido & Aeneas.  IMG_1485





End-of-Year Celebration

Our final event of the school year features presentations during which students spoke about specific things they learned and found challenging this year, and how they think they grew as learners and people. It was followed by a graduation ceremony.


2015-06-25 Graduation

2015-06-25 Graduation2