Nonacademic Areas

Social skills and self-management are just as important as academics for a student’s long-term ability to achieve goals, form relationships, and live a satisfying life. One of Queens Paideia’s stand-out features is its concerted attention to these vital areas.

Social Skills

Every student has unique abilities and challenges when it comes to getting along with others and forming relationships, and these keep changing as the student matures. Queens Paideia’s staff—through a low student-learning manager ratio—offers feedback and guidance in communication skills, attentive listening, good manners, consideration of others, empathy and perspective taking, and positive ways to express personal needs. Students learn strategies for conflict resolution and the importance of verbalizing their feelings and hearing those of others in challenging situations. QPS’s tight-knit, nurturing environment is the ideal space in which they can practice these skills every day.

Self-management Skills

Students’ individualized learning plans include objectives directed at academic and personal goal setting, self-observation and reflection, decision making, time management, and task tracking. Every day, students have opportunities to develop these skills through practices that guide them toward managing their own time and workspace, reviewing their goals, and reflecting on their achievements and the challenges they encountered.

Self-management skills cross over into all areas of life—work habits, presentation forums, interpersonal relations, and routines each day that lead to greater productivity and more effective engagement with the things a student cares about.