Education Uninterrupted 

In Queens Paideia’s highly successful program of personalized, interactive online learning, students advance as they should in both academic and non-academic skills, with no gaps. To find out more for 2020-2021, contact us


When QPS moved to remote learning in March, we knew this enormous change could not be accomplished through unidirectional learning–assigned work with little or no oversight of its completion and quality. Our system is effective and powerful because it is built on the innovative (and time-tested) features that have propelled QPS’s growth for more than a decade: ongoing interactions between instructors and students, including feedback to help learners move forward. And it replicates much of what takes place at QPS on-site:  

  • 6:1 student-teacher ratio 
  • Daily core subjects + discussions and inquiry to advance knowledge, communication skills, and thinking skills
  • Rich and varied social interactions 
  • Peer collaboration on projects 
  • Arts education and crafts 
  • Presentation training 
  • Movement breaks 
  • Field trips (virtual) to view art, historical sites, landmarks 
  • Guest speakers 
  • Whole-school forums 
  •  Timely communications with parents to involve them with their children’s learning process

Students can’t wait to “get to school” 

Overwhelming positive responses from our parents and students point to the vital importance of interactive experiences in meeting students’ academic and social-emotional needs, regardless of the circumstances. The much-praised results of QPS Remote are the first stop in our quest to push the boundaries of the virtual classroom to enhance learning, help students feel part of something larger than their current circumstances, and work with parents to make better things happen for their children. 

  • Full-day learning (8:45 am-2:30 pm) 
  • K-8th grade  
  • Ongoing feedback to students and parent coaching to establish sustainability 
  • Experienced subject specialists and support personnel–read about them here. 
  • Learn where you are! 


Having something to put our energies into (besides limiting screen time) and some semblance of a routine and a community is such a blessing.
An impressive effort and accomplishment!  Thank you all for your dedication and tireless commitment in achieving this.
It must have taken so much time and energy outside of school to make this happen and maintain it, but we are amazed to see what [our daughter] is learning every day right at our dining room table.