QPS has an exceptionally intelligent and dedicated staff, and a great and close-knit community of kids and families. Our daughter (11) and son (8), who started at QPS in kindergarten, have progressed tremendously both academically and socially. It has been a great experience for them and for us.

At QPS, our son (11) is considered as an individual. He is listened to, not just taught to be a better listener. He is appreciated for being who he is, and encouraged to be the very best he can be.

Our 5-year-old daughter’s academic and social progress has been astonishing. She is already reading, writing and doing math at the 2nd grade level. She absolutely adores school and learning, while thinking and behaving at an advanced level. QPS is the only place this would have been possible. We think that all of this will be her toolkit for standout learning and achievement over her entire life.

Within a few months at QPS, our 12-year-old daughter began to blossom. She has made wonderful friends of all ages, has more than caught up in math, and suddenly became a good writer. It’s great to see how excited she is about what she is learning—how to research a topic, how to present to a group, how to set goals. We love that she is in a safe, supportive, learning environment where we can see her growing as a student and as a person.

There are many things to second guess in life (I guess!) but the choice of our children’s schooling is not one of them. In a word, we think you guys are amazing.

Our daughter explains to us how a compass works and how a suspension bridge stays up. She has done research on Rachel Carson, Germany, and Australia, and learned about earthquakes, Greek Gods, origins of many holidays, and Eleanor Roosevelt. In math she’s getting faster and grasps the conceptual thinking that makes it fun. She is so happy with what she is learning at QPS and with the friends she has made.

Our 9-year-old son suddenly loves school! His enthusiasm and curiosity have grown by leaps and bounds in the short time he’s been at QPS and his progress has been amazing. The personalized curriculum is phenomenal. The teachers/learning managers are caring, accessible, and very dedicated. QPS is the best-kept secret in LIC!

We are truly amazed by the progress our 7-year-old son has made at QPS, not just academically but also as a person. He now takes ownership of his learning objectives and reflects about what he learns and who he is. We believe that it is due to QPS’s nurturing and at the same time academically rigorous environment.