Welcome QPS Parents/Guardians

On this page you will find links to sites that pertain to your child’s learning and PDFs of QPS documents you will need at certain points.

We will update this page regularly with new resources, so be sure to check in regularly.


QPS Current Contact List


Important Dates 2013-14


QPS Parent/Guardian Handbook


Health form, which must be completed and submitted before the start of the school year


Photo Permissions, Field Trip Release, and Emergency Card forms


Time magazine photo essay on what people around the world eat. This visual essay was the basis of a very rich discussion in Belief Systems/Food in Spring 2013.


This online music game revolving around Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is an excellent way for students to learn about the families of musical instruments and to form recognition of a well-known piece in the classical music canon.


Vsauce videos on YouTube are an engaging and effective way for students of all ages to learn and reinforce myriad science concepts.


Ask a Biologist: Clear explanations for kids on life science topics.