The breaking news is that Queens Paideia is hosting a Winter Open House alongside our neighbors/partners (Sage Music, LICSB, Secret Theatre) and several other education/activity programs in the Court Square area.

January 12, 1-5 p.m. at the LIC Art Center, 2nd floor

The event, Queens Learns, will feature activities and presentations by the different programs throughout the afternoon, all of which showcase our offerings and the uniqueness of our proximity to one another.

Queens Paideia will be open for drop-in chats with its founders and staff, and we have two scheduled presentations:

  • How Can We Teach Our Children Problem Solving? (2 p.m.)
  • Maximizing Middle School in Preparation for High School (3:30 p.m.), a discussion about what students in 6-8th grade need to learn in order to be ready for high school. Includes a demystification of the high school admissions process.

This is going to be a fantastic, enriching day for parents and children alike, so prepare to bundle up and come spend the afternoon with us. The details can be found in this Press Release.

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