Yesterday: so very dreary, a day best and only spent indoors. Which we did, with our usual quotients of hard work and fun. But then, at 1:30 p.m., the most marvelous treat appeared at our door. It was fast, utterly delicious, and it wasn’t GrubHub. It could only be Shakespeare on Demand, delivered and served up by the amazing Titan Theatre Company!

“Titan Theatre Company’s players are skilled dramatic warriors. This youthful troupe brings impressive collective experience, which shows in the clarity of its rapid-fire diction, delivering verbal rather than special-effects pyrotechnics.”–THE SHAKESPEARE NEWSLETTER


Titan Theatre gifted (yes, gifted!) our students with an abridged performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost, updated with 60s costumes, lingo, and music and dancing, and preceded with a teaching guide, so that even our 4th graders (youngest ones watching) were mesmerized. That’s what happens when you make it about the kids!


Thank you Lenny Banovez for making theater magic out of everything you touch, Alyssa Van Gorder for thinking of Queens Paideia School, and all the glorious actors who visited with us yesterday. And thank you Jimmy Van Bramer and Queens Council on the Arts for helping to make this possible.

There’s more Shakespeare on Demand to be had this week at the Variety Boys and Girls Club on 21st Street in Queens. It’s free. It’s fabulous. It’s honorificabilitudinitatibus!

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”


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